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Influence of stone conservation actions on the long-term weathering behaviour of natural stones

To evaluate the long-term effect of water repellents under natural weathering conditions, the Department of Building Materials of the TU Dortmund investigate about 30-year-old weathered natural stones of a free exposure study (BMBF research project "stone decay and stone conservation").
These samples are untreated as well as treated with hydrophobic agents or rather in combination with stone strengthener. They provide a unique material basis to analyse the stone decay over time of conserved stones and to develop a non-destructive testing measuring system based on unilateral NMR-technique. If anyone is interested or want to know more about this research project, we look forward hearing from you. We are also interested in exchanging ideas with other scientists in this field of research. Especially we are looking forward for information about the conservation materials used 30 years ago (in particular organosilicon compounds).

weathered specimens

Contact data:
M. Sc. Franziska Braun Department of Building Materials
Technische Universitšt Dortmund
Tel.: +49 231-755 54 29

Last update: 14.11.2017