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Main Objective

The main objective of the Hydrophobe International Conference series is to bring together professionals active in the broad field of water repellent treatment of building materials. The main aim of the conferences is to provide professionals from around the world with a platform where to exchange experiences and information about new materials and techniques.

Research project "Influence of stone conservation actions on the long-term weathering behaviour of natural stones" looking for information exchange.

See the short outline of the project for details.


Hydrophobe VIII - Water Repellent Treatment and Protective Surface Technology for Building Materials -

took place at Hong Kong, China, December 7th and 8th 2017. It was chaired by Prof. Dr. Jian-Guo Dai, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and co-chaired by Prof. Hiroshi Yokota, Hokkaido University, Japan and Prof. Zhao Tiejun, Tsingdao Technological University, China. Conference website is still available.

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